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Most of my clients come to me with a basic idea for a book but no idea how to get that book written. They struggle to organize their ideas in the right sequence. Their writing feels repetitive or dense. They can’t find the time to work on their book.


Perhaps this has been your experience. Working with me, you’ll quickly get past those roadblocks. Through a series of conversations, we refine your key messages, identify your primary audience, and shape your content into a clear, orderly structure. We build a roadmap for your book, and then, through a series of phone calls or meetings, I coax the content out of you. We talk. You tell stories. I ask questions. Then I use the transcripts from those calls to write a draft of your book. 


That’s the basic approach. The process is more detailed, and I’ll review the particulars with you when we start work. Suffice it to say it’s a process that works. Every time. If we’re diligent — and honor our obligations to each other — we can get your book written in nine months or less. It’s work, but it’s satisfying. It’s also fun.


Pricing options:

  • $35,000–$50,000 flat rate, depending on the book's scope. We don't discuss price until I hear about your project, and I'm confident I can help you. You can choose from two flat-rate plans and pay me monthly over a three-, six-, or nine-month period.

  • $150 per hour, starting with a $3,000 retainer and billed monthly thereafter.​



Manuscript Evaluation

You’ve written your book, and now you want help making it better. I review your book, meet with you twice, and advise you on improving it. I’m also available for two weeks after for email questions.


Pricing options

  • $1,500 for phone calls only with pro-rated charges for books over 40,000 words.

  • $3,500 for phone calls plus written feedback, with pro-rated charges for books over 40,000 words.

Book Coaching & Developmental Editing


Some authors come to me with a book they’re written and want help reorganizing it or revising it. I read the manuscript and suggest ways to improve it. Sometimes I suggest additional content, such as great anecdotes that will illustrate the ideas they’re exploring. Typically, I’ll do most of the editing work myself, turning to you for help in clarifying key concepts or providing more context. Remember, you don’t have to be a writer to publish a book. All you need are your great ideas and someone to help you articulate them. 

Pricing options

  • $150 per hour, starting with a $3,000 retainer and billed monthly thereafter.


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