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Clients & Testimonials

“I was stuck in the mud until I met Jim.  After two long years of researching and writing, all I had to show for my efforts were the makings of a 300-page academic paper that no-one would want to read.  Jim partnered with me to transform my work into a book that brings to life the dense concepts I wanted to convey in a way that everyone enjoys reading.”

Jared Schreiber,

Jared used an incredibly rich, one-of-a-kind database of shoppers’ buying habits to turn the consumer packaged goods industry on its head. He was able to dispel longstanding myths about why we buy what we buy. His pioneering study analyzed 25,000 consumer brands purchased by consumers in over a billion shopping trips over three years, revealing with incredible detail how only fifty-eight brands met his criteria as “breakout brands.” He literally rewrote the book on brand management, revealing how much the rules of brand management have changed and why brands must rethink their outmoded ideas and adopt a new paradigm. 

“Jim was great to work with. Very well organized. Extremely efficient. He helped me flesh out my ideas and find my voice. It was a great collaboration, and I'm proud of the work with did together.”

Michael Franzese,

After leaving the Mafia, where he was a caporegime in the New York City Columbo crime family, Michael asked me to help research and write a book about political corruption in the US. We looked at it from every angle: insider trading by Congress, pork barrel bridges to nowhere, and outrageous campaign spending. In some ways, politicians make mobsters look like choirboys. Michael's unique perspective and insights helped us portray a government rife with fraud and duplicity—and uncannily similar to the Mafia itself.

Jim Sloan was an amazing writing partner. He was instrumental in putting the story together in a way that truly captured the essence of what I’m trying to accomplish in underserved communities. He has become a trusted confidant and friend as I continue this journey to use business and wealth to help those less fortunate.

Ed Mitzen,

Ed Mitzen sold his business and retired with more wealth than he ever dreamed. But he was a long way from relaxing. He and his wife, Lisa, launched a nonprofit and began investing in underserved communities in the Greater Albany Region. He used his wealth and entrepreneurial savvy to boost scores of businesses, rebuild decaying community resources, and enlist help from his wealthy friends. Along the way, he created a new paradigm for philanthropy and activism. This book, written in Ed's unvarnished and self-deprecating style, chronicled his missteps and successes and sounded a powerful call to action.

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